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Superiior Fitness Inc. is a New York City based company founded by its Coaches Marfred & Frances. Together they share the passion of fitness and wellness, believing that a healthy lifestyle is truly attainable & maintainable with the right guidance.


Frances “Frankie” Caro

Having played sports and relatively active her whole life, her fitness journey, common to many, began when an excessive increase in weight one year deterred her from her active lifestyle and compromised her physical safety in her law enforcement occupation. Determined to change her lifestyle for good, she became passionate about fitness and wellness; believing that everyone is entitled to living a long, happy and healthy life

Marfred “Fonz” Sauzo

An athlete for the majority of his life with an array of sports under his belt, including competing and placing in the National Physique Committee Men’s Physique competitions, Marfred uses his experiences in coaching basketball, swimming, and martial arts to enhance his personal training techniques; making him a very unique and effective trainer who’s able to truly understand the human body.

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There’s training, and there’s Superiior training.

Getting six pack abs doesn’t come easy, but for those who maintain high levels of perseverance and ensure they are taking the time to properly plan their diet, workouts, and lifestyle, success can be theirs.

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