Plan A:   10 Weekly Plans $600

(includes weekly follow-ups)


Plan B:   One Plan $200

(1 workout regiment & 1 custom week meal plan; excludes any follow-ups)

Plans are to be paid in full up front. Payment Methods include: cash, PayPal or credit cards.


Each regiment is tailored to you and your goals. Regiments may include some or all of the following: cardio, plyometric, strength, resistance, and functional training. Depending on the plan option you sign up for, each week you will be e-mailed a new plan that is based on your progress weight and photos. The workout regiment for Plan A is based on your coach’s recommendations for that week.


Each plan is tailored to you. A plan consists of 6 wholefood meals broken down into balanced carbs, proteins and fats. Depending on the plan you sign up for, each week you will be e-mailed a new plan that is based on your progress weight and photos.


For Plan A, each week you will need to e-mail your newest weigh-in and photos. The photos should be taken in the same clothes as the initial photos sent, as well as the same format- front, side and back shot. The images and new weigh-in, will assist with making needed adjustments to the workout regiment and/or the meal plans for the continued weeks.

The progress photos are to be sent every Sunday morning before 10am on an empty stomach upon awakening to ensure a new plan gets sent to you promptly by 12 noon for that following week. (Plans begin on Mondays)

Note that Plan B does not require weekly follow-ups.


These plans are prepared to bring results, but your responsibility to ensure guaranteed results is to follow the plan 100%. Consistency is key. The stricter to the diet you are, the faster and guaranteed your results will be.


All progress photos, weigh-ins and any other necessities will be sent to


  • Stay focused and stay positive. With that mindset you can and will AMAZE YOURSELF.
  • You will learn so much about your body and how it functions.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • Remember, this process will work, but you need to do your part and follow the plan!
  • Thank you for the trust and for allowing Superiior Fitness to guide you and join you on your journey! Lets do it!

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