10 Weeks   $1,250

12 Weeks   $1,500

16 Weeks   $2,000

Preparation for competition includes weekly online follow-ups, tailored meal plans and workout regimens. The meals are altered at the discretion of the coach. Requires an in-person meet 1x per week.

* Discuss with your coach which show and division is best for you.
Once a show date is established, your coach will recommend how many weeks would be necessary to prep for the show. Requires an in-person meet 1x per week or FaceTime session.



A deposit of 50% of the chosen package is required to begin comp prep.
The package must be paid in full by the half mark of the package chosen.
Payments can be made by cash, credit card or PayPal.


Before your initial meet, you will need to send your front, back and side photos along with your starting weight, age and height. Females, proper attire for the photos are bikini similar cut to competition suit; for males, shorts similar style to competition. With that information and photos, a meal plan will be created for you to begin your prep.

Training will be your responsibility. A workout regimen tailored to the division physique category entered will be e-mailed to you. Each week you train you will also need to ensure you follow your meal plan. Both elements are imperative to attain your desired physique for show day.


Each week you will need to e-mail your newest weigh-in and photos. The photos should be taken in the same clothes as the initial photos sent, as well as the same format- front, side and back shot.

The images and new weigh-in, will assist with making needed adjustments to the carbs, proteins and fats break down. Each week, an in-person meet or FaceTime session with your coach will be necessary to ensure proper progress is being made. The days available for meets are to be scheduled in advance between Monday through Friday.

THE meals

The plan will have 6 meals that you will need to eat daily for the week. The food for the meals will be purchased by you and prepared by you. These 6 meals will be the same every day for that week, and will change based on your progress and your coaches discretion.


These plans (meals/training) are prepared to bring results, but your responsibility to ensure guaranteed results is to follow the plan 100%. Consistency is key.

The stricter to the diet you are, the faster and guaranteed your results will be. The harder you train the more results you will yield. You are expected to give your coach 100% as your coach will give to you. If you need to cancel a meet, or an emergency occurs, give proper notice.

Your time slot is your time slot, it is important to be on time for your weekly meet.


All progress photos, weigh-ins and any other necessities will be sent to


  • Stay focused and stay positive. With that mindset you can and will AMAZE YOURSELF.
  • You will learn so much about your body and how it functions.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • Remember, this process will work, but you need to do your part and follow the plan!
  • Thank you for the trust and for allowing Superiior Fitness to guide you and join you on your journey! Lets do it!

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